Fourth Spanish Meeting on Game Theory and Applications,
Game Practice II and Eighth Summer Meeting

July 19-21, 2000. Valencia, Spain

The number of Spanish game theorists has increased considerably in recent years. In 1994 it was decided to hold a Spanish Meeting on Game Theory every two years. The meetings in Bilbao (1994), Santiago de Compostela (1996) and Barcelona (1998), were a great success, with more than 100 presentations in each of them. This shows the good health of the many Spanish research groups in Game Theory and their growing international links. The next Spanish Meeting will take place in Valencia in July 2000, the week before the First Conference of the International Game Theory Society in Bilbao. The Spanish Meeting is open to participants from all countries. Its areas of interest cover all aspects of Game Theory and its applications. The language of the Meeting is English, although there will be some sessions in Spanish for those unwilling to present their contribution in English.

Game Practice II.
During the Fourth Spanish Meeting on Game Theory, the second edition of Game Practice will take place. Game Practice is a series of workshops devoted to applied game theory organized by Fioravante Patrone, Stef Tijs and Ignacio Garcia-Jurado. The first edition was in Genova in 1998, and the second and third will be held in Valencia (2000) and Tilburg (2002), respectively.

Eighth Summer Meeting.
The Summer Meetings are annual international workshops on different topics of Game Theory and Applications which have been held in Valencia, jointly organized with Stony Brook, during the last seven years. This year the Summer Meeting will coincide with the Fourth Spanish Meeting on Game Theory.

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Organizers: Amparo Urbano, Gonzalo Olcina, Yair Tauman and Carles Rafels.

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