Workshop on Mathematical Models of Individual Models and Public Choice

July 9-28, 2000. University of California, Irvine

(from advanced graduate students to within 10 years of Ph.D.)

Topics and leaders:
Voting (N. Miller);
Social Choice (J. Weymark);
Political Economy (J. Banks);
Fair Division (S. Brams);
Cost and Surplus Sharing (H.Moulin);
Macro Models of Distributive Justice (J. Roemer);
Utility and Risk (M. Machina); Learning/Evolution of Preference (C. Camerer);
Inter-temporal Choice.

Expenses will be covered for those accepted.

Application deadline: November 22, 1999.

For application details see Web site:

For general inquiries contact:
A. A. J. Marley at or
H. Moulin at

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